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Fire damage to your property is, to say the least, an unwelcome surprise.

Your Fire Claims

Fire claims should follow a process set by the state called the Standard Fire Policy. This is language an insurer must adopt when writing its policy. The Standard Fire Damage has a fairly broad grant of coverage for fire damage.  Perhaps, just as important, it has a process to govern a fair adjustment.

Under this state law, insurance companies can ask a lot of questions of an insured property owner making a claim. Yet there are limits. Beckmann Law Firm helps property owners understand what they must do during an insurance adjustment and what an insurer may and may not do, including: 

  • Establish the true cause and origin of the fire
  • Evaluate damage to property
  • Understand and track insurance company deadlines
  • List property owner deadlines, such as the deadline to complete repairs or file suit
  • Advocate for a proper scope of a claim
  • Help a property owner with an insurance appraisal
  • Advise a property owner on going to court, if necessary

    Many insurance adjusters are nice, helpful people – but not all of them.
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