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At Beckmann Law Firm, we represent condominium and townhome associations with a variety of insurance claims.


Unit Owner Claims

Broken sprinklers and fire are the most common types of damage that arise within a townhome or condo unit. Individual unit owners buy a policy that is often referred to as an HO6 policy.  I help unit owners when insurance companies deny a claim or pay too little.

Unit owners have the option to buy supplemental coverage that covers damage to both interior spaces and common spaces. Sometimes associations buy insurance coverage that cover damage within a unit.  I sort-out which policy covers the damage, for how much, and then help unit owners and associations pursue the claim.

 Association Claims

 Condominium or townhome associations have insurance policy coverage for damage to the common elements. Roofing, siding, and interior hallways are all common areas for which an association purchases insurance.  Indeed, many state laws require an association to purchase full replacement cost coverage.  A condominium or townhome association has a legal requirement to purchase adequate coverage for these spaces. 

 Sometimes association declarations, or by-laws, require an association to buy insurance for damage within individual units.  In the insurance industry there is all-in coverage and bare-wall coverage.  All-in policies cover the structure of the building and fixtures found in common spaces and interior units. Bare wall coverage will cover common areas, but not items inside the walls of a particular unit. 

Unit Owner and Association Claim

If you are an individual unit owner or an association and have an insurance claim arising from wind, hail, fire or water, contact us.




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