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A business can suffer a catastrophic loss to its property. The point of business insurance is to mitigate that loss so it’s not catastrophic.

 Business owner’s insurance should cover all property held by the business, including real estate and its interior contents. There should also be business loss interruption coverage. When machinery breaks or a work space becomes unusable, insurance should cover the resulting lost income.

Filing a Claim 

Business owners need to follow a well-established path to receive insurance proceeds for a property damage claim. We guide businesses with that path and advocate for a proper recovery. 

Beckmann Law Firm represents business owners pursuing the following types of claims:  

  • Property completely consumed by fire
  • Property rendered useless due to fire, storm, or water damage
  • Property damaged from such events but salvageable
  • Lost income

When a business owner files a claim the insurance company will assign an adjuster. The  business owner will need to demonstrate the amount of the loss. This includes the damaged real estate, lost contents, and any other claim possible under the insurance policy. 

We help business owners understand their policy and state law. When an insurance company denies a claim or pays too little, contact us.


















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