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To own a home is to accept the risk it may be damaged. That’s why homeowners buy insurance – to mitigate risk that comes from owning property. 

We help homeowners with all property insurance claims from damage by wind, hail, fire, water, ice dams, theft, and floods.

Homeowners typically purchase one policy to cover all types of damage. In the insurance arena of these are known as “all-peril” policies. Frequently these policies do not provide the same level of coverage for all types of damage. 

Pursuing a Claim

Insurance policies, and state law, follow a well-defined path to pursue an insurance claim. Sometimes insurance company adjusters are cooperative, but some are adversarial. We help homeowners:

  • Understand an insurance policy and how it reads to the insurance company’s adjuster
  • Apply state law to the policy
  • Advocate for a homeowners during the claim process
  • Represent a homeowner with an insurance appraisal
  • File a claim in court

    We have years of experience and training to help homeowners effectively and efficiently understand their policies.
    Contact us if you need help understanding your coverage and what your insurance company must pay. 




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