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Every year roofs, siding and windows are damaged by Mother Nature. The path to recover money from your insurance agency is not easy. 

Wind and Hail Claims

Violent wind and hail storms cause significant damage which is why property owners buy insurance. Insurance is there to cover that severe loss.

Beckmann Law Firm helps property owners with the following claims:

  • Tornado damage
  • Sustained straight winds
  • Hail
  • Wind and hail working together to cause damage

What is Covered and Excluded

Insurance companies rarely issue insurance policies for property owners that cover 1) pre-existing damage, 2) damage caused by defective products, or 3) bad workmanship. Property insurance is typically for rapid, sudden events like a storm. Disputes arise when insurance companies and property owners disagree about whether the damage they see is from a storm or something longstanding and pre-existing. 

What is paid, and how much, is often a point of contention. That is where we can help with your claim, contact us.

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